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Cake of the month

This month’s cake of the month goes to this 4 tier wedding cake we delivered to the Palms restaurant on Brighton Pier last month. We do a lot of these rustic ‘semi naked’ cakes, but this is one of our favs. The bride’s mother, Sandie, who ordered the cake gave us free reign over the design, with a few key points, silver colours and ivory flowers, a combination we love at Harry Batten, mainly because ivory flowers are in abundance and you can do a lot with silver decoration.

For this design we opted to keep it simple, a swathe of ivory flowers consisting of mostly roses. We added the silver in the form of silver balls (of varying sizes), some silver twigs and of course, a big band of silver leaf around the top, edible of course. Like with all our rustic cakes, we added a burlap ribbon around the base of each tier.

Having delivered a few cakes to the pier in Brighton, it’s safe to say that it is a venue we truly do not enjoy delivering to (despite having said the opposite in a recent blog post) the van got a flat tyre when reversing over a beer bottle while parking in the loading bay, it’s an extremely long walk to the restaurant, and it was BUSY, far from ideal when carting around a 4 tier wedding cake.

The venue however was very attractive, and nicely decorated for the wedding.


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