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Should I make my own cake?

The prospect of saving some cash by either you or a friend making your own wedding cake may seem like a sensible move. However in this post I’m going to outlay the true cost of making your own wedding cake, and why it make sense to come to us instead.


You probably won’t save any money

The ingredients for a wedding cake may seem like a small overhead on the surface, after all eggs are only 20p each and a bag of flour can be bought for a £1, but there’s a number of hidden costs. Butter for example, and wedding cakes use A LOT of it - A standard 3 tier wedding cake made by us contains up to 3kg of butter, which in a supermarket would come to nearly £30 if you opt for a half decent variety. Another hidden cost to consider is that you’ll need cake boards and an internal support structure. Supermarkets offer little options when it comes to this so you’ll have to buy them online, you won’t be buying in bulk so with delivery you can expect to pay another £15.

We weren't making it up

It's time consuming

There’s also the fact that you may decide to have a couple dry runs to make sure you’ll be able to do it justice for the big day, so you can expect the total cost to double or triple before you know you’ve got it right. And then, there’s one final cost, you may have to take time off work, using up holiday or taking unpaid leave to make the cake. When all this is combined, you can see how making your own cake can run into the hundreds.

We have a solution

If you are keen on saving some money for your wedding cake we have a budget friendly, stress free offer on at the moment. We’ll supply a 3 tier wedding cake (big enough to feed 100), In any of the flavours on our menus, with either simple decoration (or plainly decorated for you to get creative yourself) for £175 - that’s cheaper than Marks and Spencer!

We don’t deliver these cakes, the low price is for collection only, however our cakes are so well engineered, you’ll have no issues getting it to the venue.

Get in touch now if you’d like to order your budget friendly, stress free wedding cake, you’re even welcome to come by for a complimentary tasting to make sure you get the right flavour.

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