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What flavour is traditional wedding cake?

Since the 17th century, traditional wedding cakes are usually made with rich fruitcake. With the advent of refined white sugars, the quality of the fruitcake has improved somewhat over the years, it is of course, still disgusting.

That's one way to dress it up

As the name would suggest a fruitcake is mostly fruit, namely raisons, sultanas, candied orange peel and glace cherries. The cake is brushed with a little brandy which makes it slightly more palatable, or the consumer mildly intoxicated, which is of course the preferred state when ingesting the fruitcake.

Maybe fruitcakes not so bad after all

At Harry Batten, we take the fruitcake to another level. Its not just skimmed with a little alcohol, we soak it, (really soak it) in a mix of brandy, espresso and apricot jam, the once dry and bland fruitcake takes on another dimension and remerges as the victorious pudding it once was. It may never achieve the same delicious status of a modern wedding cake, filled with dark chocolate and raspberries or crème patisserie, matcha and strawberry, but at least its accelerated beyond the disappointing wedding cakes that you may have experienced at a friend or relatives wedding.

There are other options...

Having touched on non-traditional flavours, now would be a good time to suggest some alternative options. One of our latest flavours – Salted Pecan and Maple, is going own extremely well and is quickly becoming one of our more popular flavours. It fills the golden ratio of fat/sweet/salty perfectly and is much more original than the now tired salted caramel. Following on from the maple theme, a nut free alternative that we’ve created for those with allergies is the Maple and Chai Latte, although like most people were not really sure what chair latte is, it goes wonderfully with an Italian meringue buttercream.


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