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What if I don’t like cake

If you’re under the impression that you don’t like cake then we strongly suggest you come for a complimentary tasting at our bakery, just to make sure you really don’t like cake. Our cakes are extra special - they’re moist, not too sweet and have the perfect ratio of sponge to filling. But if you still don’t like cake after that, then, of course, we have options for you.

A fake

We can create your perfect wedding cake out of polystyrene, decorated to whatever specifications you require, all the decorations will be edible and exactly the same as if it were a real cake, we can even make it so you can still cut it. And then (because we’re sure you’ll like one of our desserts, even if you don’t like cake) we can supply anything for your dessert, from local cheeses to fresh pastries!

Its a fake cake...or is it.

Dessert in disguise

Since we can make polystyrene look like a wedding cake, we can also make anything look like a wedding cake. One of our recent desserts in disguise was a 4 tier, traditionally decorated wedding cake, but when the happy couple sliced their knife through it, the cake revealed itself to be a stack of sweet tarts. We started off with a chocolate brownie key lime pie on the bottom, the next tier was lemon and elderflower, topped off with Italian meringue, the next tier was a lavender infused custard tart and the top tier was sweet cranberry and Stilton!

A stack of pastries

We can also just supply a selection of pastries such as miniature cheesecakes, glazed berry and crème patisserie tartlets, chocolate and hazelnut slices etc, we can then either stack them up like a wedding cake, or present them on a tiered cake stand, complete with decoration such as flowers and ribbon to match the ceremony.

Could you imagine, these delicous pastries...for your wedding cake!


A final option which is increasing in popularity for those that would prefer a savoury desert, we can also supply a cheese-cake. A stack of delicious, local cheeses decorated with fresh fruit.

So regardless of your cake/non cake preference, we can certainly provide something to suit your needs.


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