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Cake toppers

At Harry Batten Cakes, we don’t consider a wedding cake complete until its crowned with an extraordinary topper. There are several ways to go about this, our personal favourite at the moment is some piped buttercream, fresh flowers and a few macaroons. In this post, we will list some of the options that you can consider when deciding what you want your wedding cake to look like.
Luggage cake topper
An Extra Tier!
What could be better than just adding more cake to your already oversized dessert. The top tier of a wedding is generally 6 inches in diameter, so a simple and delicious way to finish it off can be with just an extra, smaller tier - 4 inch diameter. the proportionally skinny tier adds a bit of extra height and takes away the bluntness of just having a 6 inch diameter spread of nothingness.
Calligraphy Cake Topper
Classic, Simple and often just says "Mr & Mrs"...We can make this out of sugar, chocolate or we use a hardboard cut-out (which, unfortunately can't be eaten). Our hardboard ones are bought in and don’t allow any extra customising. But, if you wanted us to make one for you, we would use either royal icing, or chocolate and can do it in any style you’d like, even match the font on your invites!
Buttercream covered wedding cake with fresh flowers
A Novelty Topper
If you’re going for a fairly traditional wedding cake that reflects the style of the ceremony/reception, it’s nice to add a bit of your personality to the cake by adorning the top with a handcrafted (and edible) ornament. This could reflect how you met, such as a recent topper we created with a Tinder theme. Or, it could show your appreciation for travel, such as this moulded chocolate cake topper, draped in fondant to look like a stack of luggage.
Bride and Groom Figurines., no, no, no....
Buttercream, Macs and Fresh Fruit/Flowers
Since we do an inordinate amount of rustic/naked/semi naked cakes, it’s quite fortunate that our favourite topper also happens to be the most popular. We pipe a few splotches of Italian meringue buttercream, arrange a couple macaroons in between, and finish it off with either a pile of fresh fruit, or some fresh (and edible!) flowers, if we've left any room we also like to add a few gold or silver painted Maltesers!

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