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Tips for Creating a Children’s Themed Birthday Party

There’s definitely an art to party planning, and while some parents might relish the idea of putting a themed birthday party together for their kid, others might be a little overwhelmed by the prospect. But you no doubt remember the fun you had at birthday parties when you were younger, so making your child’s birthday as memorable as possible is a must. Read on for our tips on creating a themed birthday party for your little ones.

Think outside the box


The first step to planning a party is deciding on the theme itself! There are many directions you can take when it comes to a themed party, from their cartoon or book heroes to their favourite animal or even as simple as their favourite colour. You could consider a LEGO themed birthday, one that’s Harry Potter inspired, a party centred around their beloved pet or maybe a princess or pirate theme. Or, alternatively, you could focus on an activity, such as an art party where kids create their own masterpieces to take home with them, or a cinema party where you can create a home cinema experience and watch their favourite film.

Choose the cake

Once you have the theme, you can get started on creating a showstopping birthday cake that ties it all together. A novelty birthday cake is guaranteed to delight your child and their friends, and there are so many options to choose from. At Harry Batten Cakes, we specialise in incredible birthday cakes that are made from locally-sourced ingredients for a delicious flavour – and we can create custom cakes to any design you have in mind. So, whether you want a football cake for their favourite team or player, a unicorn cake, or something else entirely, we have a great selection of themed birthday cakes for children to choose from.

Know the numbers

There’s a general rule that you should invite the number of guests that match the age your child is turning, but that doesn’t always work out. You’ll know best how much space you have available and how many people to invite on the day – just make sure you have a number in mind when you’re planning so you can be sure you’ve got enough food, seats for everyone and plenty of party bags to hand out at the end. If your child is very young, remember that parents might be with them so account for them when you’re considering space and seating.

Get creative with decorations

Choose decorations that match the colour and theme of your party, but you don’t need to necessarily splash out on exact items for it to work. For example, if you’re planning a pirate-themed birthday for your little ones, you can skip skull and crossbones tablecloths in favour of a plain black tablecloth – the end result will still look great and on-theme but will be a lot more budget-friendly. It also means the decorations will be reusable for future parties. You can then amp up the theme with the cake and perhaps a few additions, like decorated paper plates. Shop your home for décor pieces too, such as stuffed animal toys if you’re putting on a zoo-themed party.

Keep them busy

Keeping kids entertained can be a challenge, so make sure you’ve planned in advance to keep them occupied for the duration of the party. Two hours is a great length of time for a party for kids of any age, as it gives them time to play and eat food without getting too tired. From crafty activities like drawing or making things like decorating paper hats to games or treasure hunts in the garden, make sure you’ve planned in activities they’ll have time to complete but that won’t be over too fast.

Feeling inspired?

Kids love the chance to play games with their friends and enjoy delicious treats and party food, and what better way to make their birthday extra special than with a theme centred around something they love? With colourful decorations, a delicious cake and all their friends around them, they’re guaranteed to have a great time, whatever their age.

Harry Batten Cakes provide a great selection of cakes to choose from in a wide variety of flavours, and we also offer delivery in the Sussex area for added convenience, so you can focus on the rest of your party planning. Get in touch with us today to discuss your child’s birthday cake and find out more about our delivery service.

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