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Train cake for a 3rd Birthday

We were recently asked to create a train themed cake for a boys 3rd birthday. Although we have a train cake available to purchase through the website this particular client wanted something a bit more unique. 
Creating realistic recreations of inorganic objects is particularly hard, there’s lots of straight lines and square edges, so thin which food doesn’t like to conform to, however we like a challenge. 
After discussing with the client, we decided that to go for big, powerhouse of steam train, with a long engine, lots of wheels and a coal carriage in tow. We piped a 3 on the side to tie it in with the boys age, and air brushed it in a dirty old green with black details, authenticity was the objective. 
The success of this cake is all in the details, we piped on dozens of little black dots to look like bolts, and added black lines for pipe and seams. 
The chosen flavour was chocolate and peanut butter, we used our classic, super moist chocolate sponge and create a new filling - peanut butter, buttercream. We minimised the amount of fondant used to allow as much of the train to be actual cake and filling, and it was a total success. 
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